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An all-female punk rock band based in Morocco plays songs about the wrongs in their world. But when Malika, the band’s leader needs to make some money fast, she takes a wrong turn and makes the story a nail-biting thriller.

The Murphy Library is showing the Film Movement selection, Traitors, this Thursday, August 27 at 6 p.m., filled with music and suspense. Running time is 83 minutes and the film would not be appropriate for young people.   In Arabic, French & English with English subtitles.

An agent wants the band, Traitors, to cut a demo tape, but they will have to pay for it, as broke as they are. Malika also discovers her father has not been paying the family’s mortgage and they may be evicted. The pressure is too great and she gets a job driving a drug smuggling car. That is when the dark side gets even darker and she uses all her wits to stay alive. Call 837-2417 for details.

Thanks to all of you who gave us your treasures, to all the wonderful businesses, both local and from far away, for your gifts and gift certificates, to all our local artists and crafts people who gave us your art, and to everyone who bid on these items and walked away with a smile on your face!

Friends’ volunteer Karen Francis took these great photos of the Silent Auction:




 Road trips are a favorite of filmmaker Alexander Payne. Sideways about two guys driving through California wine country was a winner, and so is Nebraska, the film we are showing at the Murphy Library this Thursday at 6 p.m.   Running time is 115 minutes and it is rated R for bad language

Bruce Dern stars as Woody Grant, an aging father with a drinking problem intent on traveling from his home in Billings, Montana to Lincoln, Nebraska, even if he has to walk. Unfortunately he can barely walk. Why Lincoln?   He received a notice that he has won a million dollars from a company there.   No one, not his screaming wife, not his quiet son can persuade him that it is a scam. What’s a son to do but drive him to collect his winnings, such as they may be.

Along the way they stop in the small town where Woody grew up and where he would like to show family and friends he’s a winner, not a loser.

Friends of Murphy Library are holding our Silent Auction on Friday, August 14, from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in the meeting room. You can pick up the treasures you’ve won after 1 p.m.

Donations have been coming in from near and far and include a large number of gift certificates besides the art, antiques and unique gifts.   Donations are still welcome anytime. Funds will go for more books and media at the library.

And don’t miss the Cooking Supplies, Cookbook, and Book Sales in the back breezeway that will run until 2 p.m. This year we have had a large assortment of cookbooks donated which means fun reading for the chefs in your family.

Speaking of chefs, we would love donations of finger foods for our refreshment table at the auction.   Bring them with you when you come to make your bids.

Thank you for all your support of both these events! Want to volunteer for the auction? Call 837-2417.

And scroll down to see photos of some of the items up for auction!



Gru lives to do evil acts in the basement fortress of his suburban home. He also has a rival, Vector. Suddenly an idea comes to him that Vector cannot surpass: Gru will steal the moon!

When Gru meets three young girls from an orphanage selling cookies he has the perfect way to get inside Vector’s home. However he has underestimated the girls. They see a lot of potential in him. They think he could make a good dad.

The Murphy Library is showing Despicable Me, an animated crime caper comedy with heart this Thursday at 6 p.m. with Steve Carell offering the perfect criminal’s voice. The film is rated PG and running time is 95 minutes.  Call the library at 837-2417.

Hiro is a young tech whiz who loves robots. When his older brother introduces him to a special professor and group of tech students at the university, Hiro has to be a part of this team. Then tragedy befalls Hiro and his city, San Fransokyo, and the inflatable robot, Baymax helps the team in their quest to save their city.

The Murphy Library and Youth Services librarian Bridget Wilson continue celebrating heroes with Big Hero 6 an animated adventure this Thursday at 6 p.m., for high-tech, low-tech and even no-tech moviegoers. The film won an Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film of the Year and is rated PG.   Running time is 102 minutes.

Call the library at 837-2417.

Imagine a world without trees where even breathing is a chore and a 12-year-old boy who lives in it.   When a girl he likes tells him her wish to see a real tree, he goes all out to find one for her. Along the way, he encounters a grumpy creature that had tried to save those trees many years before.

This Thursday at 6 p.m. the Murphy Library is showing The Lorax a 2012 film based on a story by Dr. Seuss that celebrates an environmental hero, another one of the library’s Summer Reading heros. The film is rated PG and running time is 86 minutes. Voices include those of Danny DeVito, Zac Efron, Taylor Swift, and Betty White.

Call the library at 837-2417.



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