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Marek is a Polish teenager living in Somers Town, the area in London between King’s Cross and Euston stations.  Tomo is a runaway from Nottingham who’s trying to make a go of it far from home.  When they become friends, life gets better for both of them.

Film Movement’s  British comedy with heart this month, “Somers Town” is now available at the Murphy Library.  Running time is 70 minutes.  The film is not rated.

Marek’s father works on a new rail line in London and is away all day.  It’s summer and the boy walks the streets with this camera, looking for interesting shots.  Tomo has just arrived on the train.  He’s full of outward confidence, but he has no money and no where to stay.  And there are thugs out there

 But it’s a pretty French waitress who brings the boys together. They are both in love with her. And just like in Casablanca, it is “the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

Don’t expect pretty English byways in this film.  The boys walk along working class streets that have their own charm.  Do expect quirky characters and lovable kids.  It’s all about being friends.  That’s what counts.    Call the library at 837-2417 for details.

This week’s words for the 2010 Cherokee County Spelling Bee are from Latin, and can be found on the National Spelling Bee web site,

humble  message  opera  jovial  plausible

library  patina  exuberant  benefactor

adjacent  amicable  necessary  renovate

curriculum  consensus 

Nora King hands Friends' gavel to Elo-ly Bailey

Nora King has resigned as president of Friends of Murphy Public Library due to increased travel plans and time away from Murphy.   But never fear – she has placed the gavel into the capable hands of Elo-ly Bailey.   And Nora takes on the role of Chair of Fundraising.  Retired she certainly is NOT.

Elo-ly has been working closely with Nora and often running meetings in Nora’s absence.  She will do a great job as president.  

 Nora has been reminiscing about her tenure with the Friends:
I knew the staff at Murphy Public Library was dedicated and talented, however, being President of Friends I became even more aware of their abilities–that was an exciting discovery. 

Librarians Melissa Barker and Jeff Murphy

I was acquainted with many of the Friends’ Board members and knew they were a dedicated and talented group.   However, I learned the full extent of their dedication and talent during these last couple of years.
I have the memory of Sonia and Frank Roberts loading, without one word of complaint, yard sale items into their truck during a light rain.

 And Julie Chautin being able to take any Friends’ activity and make an interesting newspaper story out of the tidbits she was given. 

 The generosity of individuals and businesses in the Murphy area constantly impresses me.  I remember how excited we were when Teresa Thomas and I went to the home of Bob and Faye Strang and realized the treasures they were giving the library for its 2009 auction. 

Corey Bailey and auctioneer Bob Grove with King Tut

 I had a small sense of the thrill experienced by Howard Carter who discovered King Tut’s tomb in 1922.  Mr. Carter couldn’t have been any happier than Nora King!  Of course one of the items the Strangs gave us was a replica of King Tut’s sarcophagus.
(By the way, Larry and I are going to Egypt in March and will certainly visit the Valley of Kings.)
I remember the moment in May when the management at KIA gave us ten oil changes for the library auction–I had tears of joy because of this generosity in difficult economic times. (I’ve seriously thought about buying a KIA although I’ve never owned any vehicle that wasn’t a Ford product.)

Matt Nadler from Kia

I remember when Vivian Schell told me that Friends could have the “leftovers” from the Appalachian Crafters yard sale for our October yard sale and how exciting it was to see how much of value there was in those boxes. 
 I think about Bob and Judy Grove and their willingness to share their building space for our auction and Bob’s willingness to serve as auctioneer for these five years. 

Larry King helped the Friends with his "Bird Condo"

And, there are many more memories but I’m getting too sentimental so I’ll close with one final comment.  As the Friends’ Chair of Fundraising, I look forward to building even more memories in 2010.  Bob Hope said, “Thanks for the memories” and I thank the library staff, the Friends’ Board and members, and the Murphy community for all the wonderful memories.

Nick’s girlfriend just dumped him.  So is he going to mope? Nope.  His friends will see to that.  Besides, their favorite rock group is staging a secret show in Manhattan.  Half the fun is looking for it.  Then a pretty girl at a club asks Nick to be her boyfriend for five minutes.

 The Murphy Library is showing “Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist” Thursday at 6 p.m.  It is rated PG-13.  Running time is 90 minutes. 
Nick O’Leary (Michael Cera of “Juno” and “Arrested Development”) is a graduating senior at his New Jersey high school.  And he seems to have a strong sense of himself.  After all, he’s the only straight guy in a gay rock band.
When Nora (Kat Dennings ) asks Nick to be her five-minute boyfriend, it’s to show up a catty girl she knows.  What she doesn’t know is that Tris is Nick’s ex-girlfriend.  He is not upset at the revelation.
In fact, Nick and Norah click.  They roam the streets of Manhattan through the night, following rumors of the hidden band with the mighty moniker: Where’s Fluffy.  And they spend the hours talking.
That is, when they’re not listening to the songs of bands named Ratatat, Takka Takka, and Shout Out Louds.  Feel like a stranger in a strange land?  Don’t give up.  Sooner or later Billy Joel will sing “Just the way you are.”
Nick and Norah make interesting music together, especially when the Big Apple sits smiling in the background.  
Call 837-2417.

Have you visited the Murphy Public Library’s “new” meeting room with its gorgeous “Giving Tree” wall?  Youth Services librarian, Sarah Arnaudin has an invitation for the whole family:

The Nantahala Regional Library is offering a Holiday Storytime for
families on Saturday, December 19.  The event, which will be held in the
Murphy Public Library meeting room, is open to the public.  All families
are welcome to attend. The event starts at 11:00.  The event is free.

This week’s words for the 2010 Cherokee County Spelling Bee are from German and can be found on the National Spelling Bee web site,

glitz  waltz  schnauzer  knapsack  bagel

cobalt  liverwurst  autobahn  gestalt 

spareribs  strudel  hamster  pretzel 

poltergeist  pumpernickel