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To celebrate anyone who has sent a loved one off to war, the Murphy Library is showing a special film this Thursday at 6 p.m., Little Women. A father goes to fight in the Civil War leaving his wife is left to care for their four daughters. But Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy find joy playacting in the attic room they call the garret.

Susan Sarandon, Wynona Ryder and Gabriel Byrne star with music by Thomas Newman. The film is rated PG and runs 115 minutes.

At first glance this is an old-fashioned story, but war brings burdens to families whether it’s the 19th Century or today. Fathers (and now mothers) leave for battle with their families waiting at home. All those stories of courage are honored in this film.

Youth services librarian, Bridget Wilson, is also honoring this story with a special party Thursday, December 11 at 6 p.m. in the library’s meeting room. Mothers and grandmothers are encouraged to bring their girls ages 9 and up. Call the library at 837-2417 for party details.

There will be no movie at the Murphy Library this Thursday, March 17.  Storytime dinosaurs are taking over the Murphy Library’s meeting room thanks to the efforts of Bridget Wilson, Nantahala Youth Services Librarian.  She is holding a “Dinosaur Pajama Storytime” for all ages on Thursday from 6:30 to 7 p.m.  Want your young ones to join the fun, call Bridget at 828-837-2025.

Youth Services Librarian Bridget Wilson shows young reader Anna Coffey one of the new books at the Murphy Library. Bridget will be reading about dinosaurs this Thursday at a special Dinosaur Pajama Storytime at 6:30 p.m.

Friends of Murphy Library invite you to their spring Yard Sale and it’s going to be a winner!  Donations have been coming in and more are on the way.

Plus – hundreds of books are just waiting for you in the Bookmobile area in the back of the library.

Youth Services librarian Sarah Arnaudin reads about cats to kids! Photo by Elo-ly Bailey

This year we’re raising money to buy new books for the kids’ nonfiction area – such as updated science books, space exploration, world cultures and travel books! 

Donations are gladly accepted – bring them by the library anytime. 

Want to volunteer for the Yard Sale or the Auction?  Contact Nora King at or sign up at the Friends’ table at the library.

Thank you for your support!

Have you visited the Murphy Public Library’s “new” meeting room with its gorgeous “Giving Tree” wall?  Youth Services librarian, Sarah Arnaudin has an invitation for the whole family:

The Nantahala Regional Library is offering a Holiday Storytime for
families on Saturday, December 19.  The event, which will be held in the
Murphy Public Library meeting room, is open to the public.  All families
are welcome to attend. The event starts at 11:00.  The event is free.

 One of the most important tasks in the world is to teach little children to read.  The next time you’re in the Murphy Library, look into the meeting room and see how the community encourages our young ones.   The Storytime wall has been completed and it is beautiful. 


Many thanks to Sarah Arnaudin, Youth Services Librarian and Storytime mom, Emilie Jones, who made it happen.   Their energy is contageous.  Our only fear is that they will start their own television program: “Makeovers for libraries!”

Sherwin-Williams helped with sage advice, paint discounts and supplies.  Local painter, Robert Smith donated his time to prime.

Artist Mickey Tomczak painted an incredible tree mural.  She even included leaves dropping from the tree.  Shel Silverstein’s book “The Giving Tree,”  was her inspiration.   The library has a copy – read it if you get a chance.

Karen Wayman gave us the material for the chalkboard. Lowe’s donated the paint and supplies. 

Josh Crayton (his kids love Storytime) framed and installed the chalkboard. 

Christian Love’s thrift store offered an old cocktail table and Larry King transformed it into an elegant book display table just the right height for young readers.

Friends of MurphyLibrary provided funds for paint and supplies.

And now Sandra Rowland’s Friends community quilt glows with joy at the homey feeling of the room.2009_0219NewMeetingRoom11-090006 

Good job everyone.  It always feels great to be part of the Murphy community – – especially this week.

The meeting room wall in the Murphy Library that was an “eeew” off white last week is now a sparkling “Friends’ Blue” this week.  The work started with the professional services of Bob Smith, a local painter who donated his time priming the wall on Friday.


Then came Monday, the day of reckoning.  Youth Services Librarian Sarah Arnaudin and her friend Emilie Jones took on the wall.  Emilie is one of the moms who brings her two wonderful children, Gates and Liam to Storytime.  In fact, it was Emilie who suggested the wall could be a show-stopper at Storytime with just the right shade of paint.   As we volunteers know all too well – no good suggestion goes unpunished.  Here are the results of the day.  Even I coudn’t resist picking up a brush.

Paint mixing time2009_0208Wallpaint10-090003



And finally, the blue was on the wall.

Then Emilie took out her saw, put on her safety glasses and went to work on The Blackboard Project.  She and Sarah measured and cut a board to cover with blackboard paint.  It will be installed at child height and Sarah can write out the weekly Storytime theme for all the children to see.



2009_0208Wallpaint10-090014Everyone played well and there were no fights.

2009_0208Wallpaint10-090013The end.

Wallgrimace10-09What are they looking at!  These children and their favorite librarian Sarah Arnaudin are pointing at the poor condition of the wall behind them.  But not to worry, the painters are coming.  And the looks that say “eew” will be replaced with smiles of glee.

Hello, from Nora King, President of Friends of Murphy Library. 
Volunteers stilled needed to paint wall Oct. 22, Thurs. 9-11. See below!
OCTOBER 8th-20th   Spread the word!
2009_0120Scholastic10-090004The book choices are perfect for a variety of ages of children and would make nice gifts for birthday, holiday giving, or just to encourage children to read.  Help us get the word out.  And check with Head Librarian Jeff Murphy at 837-2417 to help.
 II.  “Not just a yard sale” Yard Sale

October 15th-17th – This was a great success thanks to all!  


III.  Paint a wall and make a child smile

Oct. 22, Thurs.
Sarah Arnaudin, the Children’s Librarian, wants to paint a meeting room wall with a little more color to make kids smile during storytime and craft times. 

Sarah Arnaudin sits with Emilie Jones and her son Liam after storytime. 

 Volunteers needed to prime wall, Thurs., Oct. 22, 9 to 11 a.m.
You can call Sarah at 837-2025 or at

Nantahala Regional Library’s children’s librarian Sarah Arnaudin holds Storytime for young readers at the Murphy Library on Mondays.  Gates and Liam Jones are two of her young friends who recently stayed to chat after Storytime along with their mom, Emilie.  Gates is four years old and is an excellent speller.   Liam loves the animal friends who accompany Sarah.  Arnaudin&Jones1 

Photo by Julie Chautin

Sarah Arnaudin, Children’s Librarian with Gates Jones, Roberta, the organutang, and Truman, the peacock.  Arnaudin read The Baby Beebee Bird by Diane Redfield Massie to the children  as well as Never, Ever Shout in a Zoo by Karma Wilson.

For back to school stories, Arnaudin likes Book, Book, Book! by Sandra Bruss, and Wolf!  by Becky Bloom.

SarahEmilieLiamSarah sits with Emilie Jones and her son Liam after Storytime.

Nantahala Regional children’s librarian Sarah Arnaudin has a way with children and during Storytime at the Murphy Library on July 13, everyone was having fun.  Besides reading a story, each of the kids made a mask.  Paint jars popped open, feathers started flying and here are the results: