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The Murphy Public Library is showing Film Movement’s Second Coming, a look at the life and struggles of a family living in London, this Thursday, June 30 at 6 p.m.   The film is not rated but would not be appropriate for children. Running time is 105 minutes.  Call 837-2417.


An American golfer plays during the 1920’s and wins the Grand Slam, the U.S., British, and Amateur Opens in golf. He goes on to build the Augusta National golf course and starts the Masters tournament.

The Murphy Library is helping you celebrate Father’s Day a little longer with Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genuis, a movie about a great golfer this Thursday at 6 p.m. starring Jim Caviezel and Jeremy Northam. Running time is 120 minutes and the film is rated PG, so future golfers can watch this with their fathers.

Scenes were shot at Agnes Scott College and other areas of Atlanta, Georgia, as well as St. Andrews in Scotland.

If you sometimes find yourself rolling your eyes at what life throws your way, come to the next movie at the Murphy Library. You can watch a young girl in Saudi Arabia to see what makes her roll her eyes and even that far away, you will relate.

The library is showing Wadjda, an award-winning comedy/drama from Saudi Arabia by a woman director this Thursday at 6 p.m. Running time is 98 minutes. The film is rated PG and the language is Arabic with subtitles in English.

The ten-year-old plays in her neighborhood, competing with a boy who lives nearby. He has a bicycle and she does not. It is frowned on for girls. But one day she spies a green bicycle at a store and cannot get it out of her mind. The only way to buy it is to earn the money herself. When her school announces a competition with a prize for memorizing the Koran, she joins in.



When you meet someone who might be the love of your life, what should you tell him or her?

How about telling them exactly who you are.   They’re going to find out sooner or later and it might as well be sooner.

The next movie at the library takes these words of wisdom and does exactly the opposite for laughs and maybe a lesson or two.

The Murphy Library is showing How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, a 2003 romantic comedy about a businessman and a woman journalist who think they can advance their careers because they know everything about falling in and out of love. Starring Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey. Running time is 116 minutes and the film is rated PG-13.  Call the library at 837-2417