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What’s not to like about a racecar and a tow truck being best buddies.  When they go to the World Grand Prix, they are there for each other, even when they are faced with international espionage.  Owen Wilson, Larry the Cable Guy and Michael Caine offer their best voices to the animated vehicles. Read the rest of this entry »

Friends board member Mike Moumousis retired as vice president of Cox Enterprises and has traveled around the world. But he will always remember a moment in his school library when he was a third grader. He realized he was having a lot of trouble reading.

When he told the librarian his problem she quietly put a book in his hands that changed his life. “See if you can finish this,” she said.  It was Will James’ book Smoky the Cowhorse and it was a page-turner.  There was no way he could put it down. “It literally taught me how to read,” he said.

The Murphy Library has received twelve books by western writer Will James from the Will James Society Book Gifting Program thanks to the efforts of Friends’ board member Mike Moumousis. Ten-year-old McKenna Houston, daughter of Tammy Gibson, tries his cowboy hat and lariat as she admires the books.

Thanks to Moumousis, other children will discover a love for reading among the stories of horses, cowboys and the American West.  Moumousis contacted the Will James Society Book Gifting Program and as a result the library received twelve books by the cowboy-turned-writer.  The Society is located in Elko, Nevada.  Six of the books are for children to discover the joys of cowboy life.  The other six are for those many adult readers who love westerns.

Will James, born in Quebec in 1892, moved to the western United States before World War I.  In the 1920’s he began writing and illustrating his stories of cowboys, publishing Smoky the Cowhorse in 1927.  It was awarded the prestigious Newberry Medal for children’s fiction. The Will James Society understands the comfort these books bring – they also sends James’ novels to our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.  

His books are now in Murphy waiting for their pages to be turned by young and old.  Call 837-2417 to reserve one.

The 2011-2012 Cherokee County Schools Spelling Bee was celebrated at Martins Creek School on Thursday, November 17 and all the 15 students from 5 middle schools showed that they knew their words.

 After an hour and a half of oral and written spelling, there were four winners!!  Joshua Um of Andrews Middle School and Lily Beaster of Ranger Middle School both won First Place.  Kamryn Adams of Murphy Middle School followed in Second Place and Erin Davis of Martins Creek Middle School won Third Place.

Lily Beaster, Ranger Middle School, Kamryn Adams, Murphy Middle School and Joshua Um, Andrews Middle School were First, Second and First Place winners of the 2011-2012 Cherokee County Schools Spelling Bee. Not pictured is Erin Davis, Martins Creek School who won Third Place.

The fifteen students from Andrews, Hiwassee Dam, Martins Creek, Murphy, and Ranger Middle Schools were all winners for their excellent spelling skills and confident demeanor.

Erin Davis, Martins Creek School (first row, third from left) won Third Place at the Cherokee County Spelling Bee. She stands here with the other 14 students who showed their spelling skills to an appreciative audience that included family, fellow students, teachers and principals from their schools.

Cherokee County Schools will hold their annual Middle School spelling bee on Thursday, November 17 at Martins Creek School.  Here are the words used in the bee —

Cherokee County Schools 2011-2012 Spelling Bee Words

aspen  menu  diplomat  watery  daily  yahoo  cobalt  message

bandit  cotton  lemon  robot  panic  cosmos  reptile  dairy Read the rest of this entry »

The Murphy Library is showing Film Movement’s comedy/drama “Bad Day to Go Fishing” from Uruguay and Spain in Spanish and English with English subtitles. 107 minutes. At 4 and 6 p.m. Thursday, November 17. Call 837-2417. Read the rest of this entry »