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If you watching mysteries, then Moka, the next Film Movement psychological thriller movie at the Murphy Library may intrigue you. A mother is grieving for her son who was killed in a hit-and-run accident by a mocha colored Mercedes. She is desperate to find out who did it and exact her revenge.

The library is showing this French mystery movie Thursday at 6 p.m. Running time is 90 minutes and in French with subtitles in English.   The film is not rated, but would not be appropriate for young people.

The woman and her husband live on the Swiss side of Lake Geneva, but when she learns that the car may be on the other side of the lake in the town of Evian, she goes in pursuit.

The tension is high in this film, but the scenery remains beautiful.

The library’s subscription with Film Movement allows the library to advertise and publicly show their films one time and then they go into the library’s collection.

Note:  if the movie trailer does not appear, click on the link below to see it.



The Murphy Library is showing the Bulgarian film, Glory, from Film Movement at 6 p.m. A railroad worker finds millions of Bulgarian dollars on the train tracks, hands it to the police and as a reward receives a watch that soon stops working. When he was given the watch at a special event, the publicist took his old watch, which had been handed down from his father.

Now all he wants is his old watch back. But where is it?

Running time 101 minutes.  In Bulgarian with English subtitles. Not rated. Call 837-2417.

“It’s not like everyone can become what they wanted to be.” These are the first words Japanese filmmaker Hirokazu Koreeda wrote for his screenplay about the author of a prize-winning first novel who wants to write another. But that prize-winning author Shinoda Ryôta has a problem: he gambles away all his money. He is not what he wanted to be.

This Thursday at 6 p.m. the library is showing the Film Movement drama about a family, After the Storm. Running time is 117 minutes and the film is in Japanese with English subtitles. It is not rated but may be suitable for mature teens.

Ryôta is also a private detective so he can try to pay his bills. His father has just died and he visits his aging mother although he has little or no money to help her.  His gambling addiction also means he cannot pay child support to his ex-wife for their 11-year-old son whom he loves dearly. However she and his mother seem to be moving on with their lives. Then one night a major typhoon is threatening, the family must spend the night together in his mother’s apartment.   Will stormy discussions also be on the horizon?

Film Movement allows us to advertise and show their films one time in public. Then it goes into the library’s collection for anyone to borrow.



In a beautiful Tibetan mountain setting, a man with a past is sent on a mission to return a precious stone to the Buddha’s sacred Palm Print Mountain. In return, his soul will be cleansed. However, he must deal with numerous demons along the way, including treasure hunters who also want the treasured stone.

This Thursday at 6:00 p.m. the Murphy Library is showing the Film Movement selection from China, Soul on a String. The film is not rated but would not be appropriate for children. Running time is 142 minutes and the language is Tibetan with subtitles in English.

In addition to this traditional story of redemption, Chinese filmmaker, Yang Zhang and his cinematographer, Guo Daming, have captured the beauty of the Tibetan mountains as well as the luminous light of the mountain lakes.


During World War II the eastern European country of Estonia had as difficult and emotional a battle to fight as any country at that time. Half the country’s soldiers were forced to fight with the Soviet, or Red army and the other half with the Germans.

The Murphy Library is showing Film Movement’s war saga, 1944, from Estonian director Elmo Nüganen on Thursday at 6 p.m.   Running time is 100 minutes and the film is not rated but would not be appropriate for children. In Estonian, Russian and German with English subtitles.

The Estonians were caught in the middle along the Eastern Front of WWII, and watched as their villages were turned to rubble. Each side may have felt empowered, but the futility of war shows through.


Restaurant chef Davis Green discovers a cousin he did not know he had when she shows up at his home one day. He has trouble believing her until his grandfather tells Davis about Joshua, his other son, and then lapses into a coma. Ultimately Davis discovers more relatives and ends up learning a family secret no one ever mentioned.

The Murphy Library is screening the Film Movement drama that also has comedy, The Automatic Hate, at 6 p.m. Thursday.   Running time is 97 minutes and this film would not be appropriate for young people.


Thursday at 6 p.m., the Murphy Public Library is showing Film Movement’s suspenseful drama from Singapore, Apprentice, about a young correctional officer at a high security prison who becomes the apprentice to the chief executioner. Running time 115 minutes. In Malay with English subtitles. Not rated but not appropriate for children.