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The Murphy Library is showing Blush, Film Movement’s drama from Israel, about two teenage girls who fall in love, this Thursday at 6 p.m. Running time is 81 minutes. In Hebrew and Arabic with English subtitles.  Not rated but not appropriate for high school.

Call 837-2417.


After a serious ski accident, Tony is admitted to a rehabilitation center, where she becomes dependent on the staff and also on pain relievers. But it is not just her knee that hurts. She spends time remembering the ten years she spent falling in love and then feeling destroyed by that crazed man who stole her heart.

This Thursday the Murphy Library is showing the monthly selection from Film Movement, My King, a 2015 French romance. Running time is 124 minutes and the film is not rated but would not be appropriate for children. In French with subtitles in English. Filmed throughout France.

The film follows Tony’s memories of her first dates with Georgio, their laughter and passion.   They fell madly in love and she did not stop to ponder the downside. But soon it was hard to miss.



A French army captain and his squad are assigned to monitor a remote area of Afghanistan, watching local shepherds and looking for Taliban sympathizers.   Suddenly people from all sides of the conflict start to disappear, for no reason. The soldiers find themselves in an existential nightmare fighting the fears of war.

This Thursday the Murphy Library is showing the monthly selection from Film Movement, Neither Heaven nor Earth. Running time is 104 minutes and the film is not rated but would not be appropriate for children.   In French with subtitles in English.

French director Clement Cogitore is an artist who combines film, video, installations and photographs.   This is his first feature film and he wants the audience to leave the theatre “unable to decide it was a war film, a thriller, an indie film, a metaphysical film, an art house film…” he said in an interview with Film Movement. The film creates fear, but also spiritual emotion. It received awards at the Cannes Film Festival

The year is 1861 and two brothers in a small Kentucky town struggle to live in their ramshackle home on their overgrown and underused farm. The farm is in no condition to sell and the brothers have no idea how they will survive the coming winter.

This Thursday the Murphy Library is showing the Film Movement selection, Men Go to Battle, a drama about life on a poor farm in the midst of the Civil War. Running time is 98 minutes and the film is not rated. Read the rest of this entry »

The Murphy Library is showing a Film Movement selection that celebrates the wonderful moments of a long marriage this Thursday, February 23 at 6:00 p.m.

The documentary, My Love, Don’t Cross That River, comes from South Korea and follows fifteen months of the marriage. The husband, Byeong-man Jo, is 98 years old, and his wife, Kang Gye-Yeol is 89.   They’ve been together for 76 years and still can make each other laugh and hold each other when they cry.

They live in their own home in the countryside and do all the housework, even chopping wood. The film follows their day-to-day activities, as well as their thoughts about growing old. Most of all, they carry on caring for each other.

Running time is 86 minutes and the film is not rated.

The next Murphy Library movie is a thriller and comedy of errors that may bring some laughs, but also lots of tension since the main character is Schneider, a hit man sent out to do someone in. Unfortunately, it is his birthday and the last thing he wanted to do was work on his special day.

This Thursday, January, 26, the library is showing Film Movement’s comedy/thriller from the Netherlands, Schneider vs. Bax at 6:00 p.m. Running time is 96 minutes and the language is Dutch with subtitles in English.  The film would get an R rating for violence, drugs, and nude scenes.

Schneider’s boss assures him that his target is alone in the countryside not far away and should be an easy mark. However, it turns out that drug-addled Bax is not alone. His girlfriend has been visiting him, and then his daughter shows up in the throws of depression and finally his crazy father arrives. In addition, Bax has a special job to do, even though he is normally a writer.

Restaurant chef Davis Green discovers a cousin he did not know he had when she shows up at his home one day. He has trouble believing her until his grandfather tells Davis about Joshua, his other son, and then lapses into a coma.

Davis discovers more relatives and ends up learning a family secret no one ever mentioned. The Murphy Library is screening the Film Movement drama that also has comedy, The Automatic Hate, at 6 p.m. Thursday.   Running time is 97 minutes and this film would not be appropriate for young people. Call the library at 837-2417.