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A 78-year-old man wants to follow his late wife’s dream to visit South America.  A trip across continents is not out of the ordinary.  But flying a house there is.  Especially if balloons filled with helium are transporting it.  Lots of balloons.  The Murphy Public Library is showing Pixar Studios latest film, “Up” Thursday at 3:15 p.m. and again at 6 p.m.  It is rated PG and runs 96 minutes. 


Widower Carl Fredricksen (voiced by Ed Asner) thinks he’s alone on this journey of a lifetime.  But he’s not.  Russell, an eight-year-old Wilderness Explorer had stopped by Carl’s house to “help the elderly” and win another badge for his sash.  Little did he imagine the house would pick up and leave.
And that’s just for starters.  Talking dogs, tropical birds and an evil scientist make this a trip for young and old.

This week’s words for the 2010 Cherokee County Spelling Bee come from Japanese and can be found on the National Spelling Bee web site,

kudzu mikado tycoon teriyaki tofu

sushi sayonara tsunami origami ninja

geisha hibachi haiku karate shogun

“The Drummer” is this month’s Film Movement selection at the Murphy Library.  It mixes the Hong Kong gangster movie genre with the art of Zen drumming.

 The library is showing “The Drummer” Thursday at 6 p.m. Running time is 113 minutes. It is not rated but would not be suitable for young children. Read the rest of this entry »

Friends’ president Nora King has a special invitation to all Friends members.  Our quarterly meeting is Tuesday, November 17, at 6 p.m. in the Murphy Library’s meeting room.  If you would like to join the Friends, dues are $10 per year and can be paid anytime at the library before 6 p.m.

Special guest will be Eleanor Lambert Wilson.  Ellie Wilson is a Brasstown resident who has written two books about her coming to our part of North Carolina from New York.  Her first book is titled “My Journey to Appalachia” and the second, “My Life in Brasstown” describes her experiences in the world of John C. Campbell Folk School.  A Vassar graduate, Mrs. Wilson promises to be an entertaining speaker.

The meeting starts at 6 pm with our pot luck and we have some excellent cooks in our group.  Utensils, plates, napkins and liquid refreshments will be provided.  It is an important meeting because of the election of persons to replace  Board members.

Also, a “must see” is the newly painted background wall with its lovely tree in the meeting room.  It was one of the projects we sponsored along with other volunteers from the community to make the room more inviting for the little ones who meet there for their children’s programs.

To see more information about Ellie Wilson’s books, go to:

This week’s words for the 2010 Cherokee County Spelling Bee are eponyms, words that are derived from a real or mythical person’s name and can be found on the National Spelling Bee web site,

hector   magnolia   newton   tortoni  gardenia

zinnia   begonia   macadamia  saxophone   melba

samaritan   praline  salmonella   tantalize   shrapnel

If you like English country houses and murder mysteries with a twist, try the next movie at the Murphy Library.  We’re showing the late, great American director Robert Altman’s “Gosford Park,” Thursday at 6 p.m. It is rated R and runs 137 minutes.

The year is 1932 and Sir William McCordle, wealthy English industrialist, is entertaining guests for a weekend of shooting and fine dining at his large country house. His guests include family, a Hollywood actor and various business partners, who all want a piece of McCordle’s money. The house is run by a large group of servants with their own needs and desires. A sudden murder makes everyone a suspect.

The cast is superb, especially under Altman’s direction. Maggie Smith, Michael Gambon, Alan Bates, Helen Mirren, Emily Watson, Stephen Fry, Clive Owen and Derek Jacobi are a few of the unusual suspects.  Call 837-2417 for details.