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Former Friends’ board member and avid reader Jane Hembree is busy this time of year.  She is the Coordinator for the SilverArts in the Senior Games working alongside Jim and Sue Brent, the Co-Coordinators of the overall Senior Games in Cherokee County.  Starting May 5 Cherokee County, as well as Clay County and Graham County will be having their fifth annual games at Murphy High School track field.

You’d rather ride than race walk?  That’s okay.  They are also sponsoring a car show with special recognition to the best looking, oldest car!  Participating in the Senior Games, however, as well as SilverArts, has multiple benefits.

Friends' member Millie Crawford won the Gold Medal for her crochet work in the State Finals of the Senior Games SilverArts last year.

Read Hembree’s message, then join up:

Senior Games is a national organization and North Carolina is a part of that organization.  It includes a wide ranging series of events for people who are 55 or better.  The main purpose is to have seniors stay involved, active and creative all of our lives.  Our motto here in Cherokee County is “Come Play With Us” and we hope you will. We have had participants in their nineties so you can’t blame age for not jumping in. 

 North Carolina Senior Games is unique in that it is the only state which includes the SilverArts (one word officially!) along with a number of physical activities.

And our county co-coordinator, Sue Brent, is also on the State Board of the North Carolina Senior Games as the State Coordinator of the SilverArts. We are so proud to have one of our own with such an important position

Don’t miss out on such activities as swimming, race walking, football and baseball throws, discus throw, golf, bowling and this year,the state is including the Corn Toss in the competition. If you don’t know what that is, you must find out!

$10! will give you full participation, a tee shirt and a wonderful meal at our closing ceremony.  Now, that is a bargain in any ballpark. 

Included in the SilverArts are pottery, drawing, painting, carving, knitting, performance and literary to just name a FEW.  The competition for the SilverArts will be held at the Mountain Vista Inn beginning May14th. Winning is not the main issue of course.  Being a participant is.  But IF you are a medal winner at the local level, you can advance to the state level.  We have had a number of state winners.

Our website is  Here you will find information, phone numbers,newsletters and a current application which is full of information.The state web site is Please check us out. 

Local resident Gigi Turner won Gold, Silver and Bronze medals at the local level for the Senior Games SilverArts in quilting.

I promise you will find something that interests you and that will bring you into contact with some wonderful, talented and active people.

– – – – –     Jane Hembree

There will be no movie at the Murphy Library this Thursday, March 17.  Storytime dinosaurs are taking over the Murphy Library’s meeting room thanks to the efforts of Bridget Wilson, Nantahala Youth Services Librarian.  She is holding a “Dinosaur Pajama Storytime” for all ages on Thursday from 6:30 to 7 p.m.  Want your young ones to join the fun, call Bridget at 828-837-2025.

Youth Services Librarian Bridget Wilson shows young reader Anna Coffey one of the new books at the Murphy Library. Bridget will be reading about dinosaurs this Thursday at a special Dinosaur Pajama Storytime at 6:30 p.m.

This week’s words for the 2011 Cherokee County Spelling Bee are from French, and can be found on the National Spelling Bee web site,  To see previous weeks’ words, scroll down.

crochet   regime   altruism   beige   stethoscope   prairie

amenable   plateau   boutique   quiche   bureaucracy 

escargot   manicure   motif   collage   impasse 

fuselage   souvenir   elite   finesse

This week’s words for the 2010 Cherokee County Spelling Bee are from Greek.  They can be found on the National Spelling Bee web site,  Scroll down for previous weeks’ words.

trauma   semantics   cosmos   panic   apathy   diagnosis

idiom   biblical   biopsy   asterisk   stoic   protagonist

spherical   myriad   calypso   hierarchy   mathematics

monotonous   periscope   paradox

This week’s words for the 2010 Cherokee County Spelling Bee are from Slavic languages, and can be found on the National Spelling Bee web site,

mammoth   paprika   vampire   cravat   gulag

robot   troika   polka   sputnik   babushka

parka   samovar   tundra   glasnost   kasha

nebbish   knish   kremlin   sable   baba

This week’s words for the 2011 Cherokee County Spelling Bee are from Asian languages, and can be found on the National Spelling Bee web site,

nirvana   karma   guru   typhoon   bungalow

mahatma   jungle   oolong   mongoose 

bamboo   jackal   bangle   shampoo   dungaree

chutney   pundit   juggernaut   loot    rupee   gunnysack

This week’s words for the 2011 Cherokee County Spelling Bee are from Italian, and can be found on the National Spelling Bee web site, 

ravioli   palmetto   pistachio   mascara   cauliflower   crescendo

harmonica   ballerina   spaghetti   scenario   galleria

balcony   bandit   influenza   rotunda   ballot

confetti  cavalry   cadenza   graffiti

This week’s words for the 2011 Cherokee County Spelling Bee are from Latin and can be found on the National Spelling Bee web site, 

humble   message   opera   jovial   plausible   library   patina

exuberant   benefactor   adjacent   amicable   necessary

renovate   curriculum   consensus   ambivalent 

refugee   meticulous   condolences   bugle

Week  4 words for the 2011 Cherokee County Spelling Bee come from Old English and can be found on the National Spelling Bee web site,

watery   fiend   dealership   learned   daily   workmanship

cleanser   abide   gospel   anvil   paddock   whirlpool

aspen   forlorn   orchard   worrisome   hurdle

slaughter   bookkeeping   icicle

Gayle Larson learned to play the spoons at her Great Aunt Sue’s house on Turkey Ridge in Pennsylvania. Sunday afternoons Great Aunt Sue played the pump organ, two uncles played a homemade banjo, and after she learned rhythm playing a bucket with sticks, they taught her to play the spoons.
Larson will play the spoons at the February 16 Friends of Murphy Library quarterly pot-luck.  The dinner will spotlight SilverArts NC State Medalists where Gayle Larson won a 2009 gold medalist for performing. The public is invited to bring a dish and join the 6 PM meeting.

NC State SilverArts medalists seated, left to right: Jane Hembree, photography; Marshall Peterson holding his winning woodworking lamp; Millie Crawford, needlework; standing Gayle Larson, performing arts.

One of our favorite MCs, Jane Hembree, will be introducing the winners.
 Jane won the 2009 Silver Arts Bronze Medal for photography.  She is a long-time FML board member and past auction chairman.
Millie Crawford, 2009 bronze needlework medalist, is an FML member and craft shows participant.
 Kathy Hoyt, 2008 gold medalist in knitting, is a founding member of FML, and its first Treasurer. Loye Merwin, 2009 gold medalist for jewelry and Marshall Peterson, 2009 silver medalist for woodworking will also be honored at the dinner.
Marshall Peterson restored and refinished furniture, and four years ago began wood working. His winning lamp, of African paduak wood, is made of 23 different rings and instead of being turned, is shaped by sanding beginning with 40 grit and finishing with 400. His work is available at galleries in Stecoah and Bryson City and the Campbell School Fall Festival.

Millie Crawford (2nd from right) stands with her co-workers at the Penland Senior Center. She won the Bronze Medal in the 2009 Silver Arts for needlework.

Millie Crawford has won 60 ribbons and a best of show at the Florida State Fair in Tampa. Her biggest plastic canvas was a Barbie Castle, 30″ high with six rooms which she made for her granddaughter. She also crochets and frames names for gifts. Millie works at the Penland Senior Friendship Center.

Richard Argo will read his prize-winning poem at the Feb. 16, 2010 Friends of Murphy Library potluck.

Richard Argo and Jane Hembree exemplify the Senior Games/SilverArts slogan, “A healthy body, a healthy mind,” because they are local medalists in both Senior Games and SilverArts. Richard won medals in swimming and tennis, and Jane has won shuffleboard doubles and baseball throw.

 Besides Larson’s “spoons concert,” Argo, the 2008 state Silver Medalist, will read his winning poem at the dinner February 16.  He  is a FML Writers Workshop writer.