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The camera pans the rocky California beach that belongs to the town of “Point Muir.”  It was named for John Muir, the naturalist who walked all over the country he loved.  Henry and Nicky also love their country, even though they’ve never been far from their town.  It’s December 1942, and they’re getting ready to join the Marines.

Sean Penn, Nicolas Cage and Elizabeth McGovern star in Racing with the Moon, a film about two high school friends and their small town during World War II.  The Murphy Library is showing it Thursday at 3:15 and 6 p.m.  It is rated PG and runs 108 minutes.

Henry (Penn) and Nicky (Cage) earn money by setting pins in the local bowling alley.  When he’s not working, Henry practices the piano.  He’s good, whether he’s playing Bach or just boogying.  Nicky has a girlfriend but Henry doesn’t, until one night when he buys a ticket to a movie from the new girl in town.

This film was made in 1984, when Penn and Cage and McGovern were still in their twenties.  They are wonderful now, but catch them at this early point – they were wonderful then too.  Call 837-2417 for details.