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Just to be clear, the Murphy Public Library appreciates all the school principals in Cherokee County.   Now that we have that straight, the next library movie is about a middle school student and the overbearing, rule-making principal and assistant principal of his new school who are driving him and the other students crazy.

This Thursday, June 1, the library is showing Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life, a PG-rated 2016 family comedy about a student with artistic abilities dealing creatively with pressures at home and in school. The film will be shown at 6:00 p.m. and running time is 92 minutes. It was based on a story by James Patterson and was filmed in Atlanta at the Atlanta International School and also near Inman Park.

After too many rules, the student and some friends put their talents to good use on the school’s walls.


Southerners love a good story.  Add in college football along with family ties and you can’t go wrong.  That’s the recipe for the Sandra Bullock film, “The Blind Side.”  And if some streets look familiar, it’s because Atlanta was the filming location, as a stand-in for Memphis. Read the rest of this entry »