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Scholastic Book Fair from November 18 to December 1 at Murphy Library

Posted on: November 16, 2015

Blakely Snyder visited the Murphy Library recently with her mother, Destiny. They live in Cherokee County and Blakely is glad they do. Now she will be able to go to the Scholastic Book Fair at the Murphy Library starting today, November 18, and running through Tuesday, December 1.   The three-month old knows it will take her a few months to learn to read, but she is hoping her mom will start reading to her so she can hear the sound of the words.2015 BlakelySnyderScholBookFair 11-15

Easy reader, picture books and funny stories are all waiting for book lovers like Blakely, not to mention mysteries, fantasy and history books. Now is the perfect time to go holiday shopping for young readers, teen readers and all readers who want to learn something new. And what holiday are you shopping for? If you have a young reader in your family discovering the lure of stories, every day is a holiday!

Call the library at 837-2417 for details, or better yet, drop by the library and find a hidden treasure to give to a young reader.

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