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Spelling Bee is a success because reading helps you spell and these students love to read

Posted on: December 1, 2014

Ask our annual Spelling Bee winners over the years and they will tell you they read all the time. On November 20 the Cherokee County Middle Schools held the annual Spelling Bee at Martins Creek School, hosted by principal Paul Wilson and Language Arts teacher, Ronda Phillips. Murphy Elementary School principal Arnold Mathews led the bee, pronouncing the words as he has done so well for the last eleven years. The Cherokee Scout‘s Newspaper in Education program supports the bee.2014beforeBee

And wouldn’t you know it, the winner Shawn Bruce from Ranger Middle School loves to read!

A big round of applause goes to all the students in Cherokee County’s five middle schools who participated. The finalists for Andrews: Karra Postell and Nicholas Graham. For Hiwassee Dam: Tucker Lynn, Chloe Roe and Megan Wilson. For Martins Creek: Justin Bates, Presley Payne and Jeremiah Beavers. For Murphy: Heather Pratt, Marie Sawdy and A. J. Cook; and for Ranger, Shawn Bruce, Autumn Campbell, Josey Campbell, and Kaylee Campbell.

Shawn Bruce took 1st Place for Ranger, A. J. Cook took 2nd Place and Heather Pratt took 3rd Place – both of them from Murphy Middle School.2014BeewinnersAJCookShawnBruceHeatherPratt

It is not easy to stand up and stay poised when a difficult word is thrown at you, but the students do exactly that. Their teachers cheer them on and their families hug them.
Friends of Murphy Public Library and local craftspeople raised funds for Spelling Bee prizes at our annual crafts, craft supplies and book sale. We love words and readers and that’s what spelling bees are all about.

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