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Film Movement’s coming-of-age Israeli film at Murphy Public Library, Off-White Lies, this Thursday at 6 p.m.

Posted on: August 25, 2013

 Libby is quiet on her return to Israel but her eyes take everything in.  Her mother has sent her to live with her father, rather than deal with her anymore.

The Murphy Public Library is showing the Israeli film, Off-White Lies, from Film Movement this Thursday at 6 p.m., in Hebrew and English with English subtitles.  Running time is 86 minutes. The film is not rated but may be appropriate for high school students.

Libby’s father, Shaul, is an interesting case.  What he calls being “in-between apartments;” others might call homeless.  Luckily for him, unluckily for others, the second war has started between Israel and Lebanon.  He suggests he and Libby pose as refugees from northern Israel and see if a family in Jerusalem will take them in.  They do and they are.

But lies can weigh heavy on a teenager who has heard them all her life and one day Libby shouts out the truth.  What will happen to them now?

Call 837-2417 for details


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