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Many thanks to Billy Ray Palmer for offering stories, history, and lessons from the heart about the Cherokee at the Friends September 18 potluck dinner

Posted on: September 21, 2012

Billy Ray Palmer stepped in at the last minute at Mars Hill College a few years ago and gave a Cherokee history lecture to a roomful of college professors from around the U.S. He was told to keep it short but when he finished the professors clamored for more.  That is the feeling Friends of Murphy Library had recently.  The professor of history and archeology at Tri-County Community College spoke to the Friends about Cherokee history at their potluck on last Tuesday, September 18 .

Professor Billy Ray Palmer spoke about the Cherokee at the Friends of Murphy Public Library’s potluck on September 18.

The history of the Cherokee is front and center at the library these days. Friends of Murphy Library are assisting the Murphy Library with its new Cherokee Cultural and Research Center that is funded by a grant from the Cherokee Preservation Foundation. Palmer was the perfect choice of guest speaker. He was born and raised in Murphy and his grandmother was Cherokee. For over thirty years he has taught Native American, Appalachian and Cherokee history, as well as archeology and Western Civilization at Tri-County Community College.

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