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Israeli film, Vasermil, this Thursday at 4 and 6 at Murphy Library

Posted on: June 23, 2012

The Murphy Library is showing the Israeli movie, Vasermil, this Thursday, June 28 at 4 p.m. and 6 p.m.  Three teens see soccer as their ticket to success, that is, if they can learn teamwork.  90 minutes.  In Amharic, Hebrew and Russian with English subtitles. 

Director Mushon Salmona won the New Directors Award for his film at the San Francisco Film Fesival.

In an interview with Film Movement, he notes that he “needed a way of telling the story that would plant it deep within the reality it was trying to represent. This dictated the overall style of the film from the first moment of pre-production.

The film was cast with a majority of non-actors, whom, in their biography could relate to the characters they were asked to portray, it was filmed entirely on location in Beer-Sheva in a documentary style, its editing and even the use of music, all play a part in creating the appearance of ‘reality’.”

 “My intention” he goes on “was that ‘reality’ whether real or imagined, conceptual or stylistic, will portray a part not only in the way the film was shot and edited – the way we grasp what is real in film language – but as a character on its own, the place reality has in the lives and destinies of Shlomi, Adiel and Dima.”

To see Film Movement’s trailer of Vasermil, paste this into your browser:

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