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Writers Workshop participants capture gold and silver at Senior Games Silver Arts

Posted on: June 16, 2012

Ziggy Haus and Judy Lott (front row from left) are among the Silver Arts winners. Lott has won Literary Arts medals every year including her 2012 Gold in poetry and Bronze in short story. Dennis Gray,Dwight Moss and Millie Crawford (back row from left) also won 2012 Senior Games and Silver Arts medals . Crawford is a state winner and has participated in Friends events as well as donating her needlework to the Friends annual auction.

Many thanks to former board member of Friends of Murphy Library, Peg Russell, for this update on something close to her heart, the Friends’ Writers Workshop.

Last month members of Friends of Murphy Library Writers Workshop won 3 out of the 4 Gold Medals and 3 out of the 4 Silver Medals in the 2012 Senior Games/SilverArts in Cherokee County.  The competition includes four categories in Literary Arts: poetry, short story, life experience, and essay. 

Marilyn Barker won the 2012 gold for her essay and the Silver Medal for her short story in the Senior Games Silver Arts Literary competition. In 2011 she won Gold in both short story and essay.

Writers Workshop 2012 medalists were Marilyn Barker, Judy Lott, Fran McCord, and Peg Russell.
Over the past years Writers Workshop members have  won the only two (so far!) Cherokee County medals at the state level, the North Carolina State Literary Arts medals : in 2008 the late Richard Argo won Silver for poetry, and in 2011 Ziggy Haus won Silver for writing his life experience story.
Other Writers Workshop medalists have included Jerry Hobbs, Emma Flinn, and Carol McAfee.

Writers Workshop meets the second Monday of the month at 2PM at the Murphy Library. Jerry Hobbs leads the critique group, which welcomes newcomers. Writers  bring five or six copies of up to five pages, double spaced, to be discussed by the group.


Emma Flinn won the Cherokee County 2011 Silver Medal for her essay. She celebrates here with fellow Senior Games participant Gene Smith. They both are national sports winners

In 2011 Ziggy Haus won the gold medal for his life experience story, and he went on to win the North Carolina State Silver Medal, a huge achievement. In 2008 he won the Cherokee County Gold Medal for his writing in the life experience category.


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