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Film beguiles with Irish fiddles, flutes and a fable

Posted on: December 20, 2011

Word of warning: the music in this film will beguile you with its lilting Irish folk tunes and the misty views of the sea will call to you.  Ah well, just go with the flow……

A young Irish girl goes to live with her grandparents and hears tales about their ties to the sea.  They also tell of the  troubles that come from the sea and their livelihood.   The tales remind her of her little brother who was lost to the sea years before.

The Murphy Library is showing The Secret of Roan Inish this Thursday at 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. Rated PG. Running time is 103 minutes.   If you love fiddles and flutes and Irish tunes, don’t miss this movie.   Best of all when the Irish actors speak you don’t want them to stop.

Sorry for the ads on this trailer – just click on the x in the upper corner to get rid of them.

The incredible John Sayles wrote the screenplay, directed and edited this film. We’ve shown other films of his including Eight Men Out and Passion Fish.

 His cinematographer is the award-winning Haskell Wexler who also filmed Bound for Glory. They filmed in County Donegal was the northwest coast of Ireland.   Composer Mason Daring haunts you with traditional Celtic melodies, singers and musical instruments.

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