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Scholastic Book Fair starts Thursday, Sept. 15 through Sept. 28 at Murphy Library

Posted on: September 14, 2011

If you ask Angela McCarty’s 12-year-old daughter Jamie if she’s ever read the Skippyjon Jones series by Judy Schachner at the Murphy Library, her eyes will light up.  “I love them!” she exclaims.  Skippyjon Jones is a Siamese cat who thinks he’s a Chihuahua.  When she was reading that series, the sixth grader at Murphy Middle School used to “get piles of them” to read.

There are also books at the Murphy Library that offers kids lists of world records in sports, the environment, space — you name it.  And adventure stories, like the one about an English boy in a Yorkshire village foster home who finds there’s witchcraft going on nearby.

 These are from Scholastic Book Publishers.  Starting tomorrow, you can find books for your favorite young readers too.  The library is holding its fall Scholastic Book Fair running from September 15 through September 28.  Books include award-winning fiction, picture, easy reader and chapter books.  The library can accept credit cards, cash and checks.  As we like to say, anytime is a good time to buy a kid a book.  Call 837-2417.


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Please keep more programs like this coming!!!

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