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Cherokee County Schools 2011 Spelling Bee is a winner!

Posted on: May 17, 2011

Spelling Bees are not for the faint of heart, whether participating or sitting in the audicne. 

Students at Martins Creek Middle School attended the May 10 Cherokee County School Spelling Bee in their school's library. Family members also look on.

Such was the case May 10 at Martins Creek School moments before Spelling Bee coordinator, Mrs. Debbie White and Principal Arnold Mathews began the Cherokee County Schools 2011 Spelling Bee.  Nine 6th, 7th and 8th graders waited apprehensively to hear the first words.

Nine students from Martins Creek, Ranger, Hiwassee Dam and Murphy middle schools who participated in the Cherokee County Schools 2011 Spelling Bee wait for the opening word. From left: Sidney Hibberts, Lily Beaster, Brandon Muizulis, Aaron O'Connell, Christan Sykes, Stephanie Howe, Jenni Gordon, Isaac Mock, and Selena Rodrigues.

Among the attendees were Hiwassee Dam’s principal Mrs. Delaine Macdonald and teacher Mrs. Brandy Farmer, and Ranger’s principal Mr. Paul Wilson.  They proudly talk about the victories these students have had in their academic life.

They know that studying for a spelling bee is not the easiest task.  Just like in sports, students can practice with someone, but sooner or later they have to tackle the words on their own.  They fumble, find themselves underwater, and then, just before throwing in the towel, they hit their word over the net.

Finalists included Sidney Hibberts, Selena Rodrigues and Isaac Mock, Martins Creek Middle School;  Lily Beaster, Aaron O’Connell and Jenni Gordon, Ranger Middle School, Brandon Muizulis and Christan Sykes, Hiwassee Dam Middle School; and Stephanie Howe, Murphy Middle School. 

By the end, Ranger’s Lily Beaster won the First Place trophy and the $100 prize.  Aaron O’Connell also from Ranger won the Second Place trophy and $50.  Hiwassee Dam’s Brandon Muizulis won Third Place and $25.  Beaster had won Third Place the year before, but O’Connell and Muizulis were first timers at the bee. Nonetheless, they plowed through word after word as teachers and families watched excitedly.

Martins Creek School hosted the annual Cherokee County Schools 2011 Spelling Bee on May 10. Ranger Middle School student Lily Beaster won First Place and Aaron O’Connell, also from Ranger, won Second Place. Hiwassee Dam student Brandon Muizulis won Third Place (from left).


The Cherokee Scout’s Newspaper in Education program sponsors the bee along with Friends of Murphy Public Library.  All sixth, seventh and eighth graders in Cherokee County schools are encouraged to join the fun next year.  Call the Murphy Library at 837-2417 for details.


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