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Murphy Library Auction, August 7

Posted on: July 29, 2010

The Murphy Library Auction is on August 7 at Bob Grove Auctions, 7540 Highway 64, Brasstown, NC 28902, 6 miles from Murphy on “NEW” US 64, between Murphy and Hayesville.  Silent Auction begins at 5:00 p.m., Live at 7  p.m.  Call the Murphy Library at 837-2417.

Judy and Bob Grove welcomed attendees to Friends of Murphy Library's Auction in 2009 and will open their auction house again this year.

If you were thinking about a trip out of town, then bid on Harrah’s Vacation Package in Cherokee – a one night hotel stay and dinner for two.  (Some restrictions apply).

Or just drive down the road.   The Blue Ridge Scenic Railroad has given us $140 in train rides for the 2010 season.

Furniture includes a country-style chair from Friends’ member Mary Lutz-Karvonen, a wooden bench from Lone Pine Country tables and Barbara Bayliss gave us a two-drawer Stanley chest. 

Larry King has been busy making birdhouses for Friends of Murphy Library's auction August 7 at Bob Grove Auctions. The birds will love to come home and roost when you have one of these houses waiting for them.

There is also a pair of handcrafted owls made of buckeye wood from the John Campbell Folk School.  and Shirley Uphouse has donated pictures of World War I planes.

1 Response to "Murphy Library Auction, August 7"

We used to regularily attend Bob Grove’s auctions. But he suspended them some time back. However, yesterday (Friday, Aug. 6th.), we noticed Bob’s marque indicated an auction today (Library benefit). However, we could NOT determine (from an Internet search) just what type of merchandise was offered, and none of the phone numbers found on the Internet would allow us to speak to a person.

If Bob is going to re-start his regular auctions, we’d like to be so advised, and should anyone read this in time to email us before tonight’s auction, listing the type of items up for auction, it would be greatly appreciated. I’ll check my emails later today (Saturday Aug. 7ty.)

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