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Craft Supplies and Book Sale a big success!!

Posted on: July 27, 2010

Friends of Murphy Library held the annual Craft Supplies Sale July 23 and 24 to raise funds for prizes given to local students taking part in the Cherokee County Schools Spelling Bee for 6th, 7th and 8th graders.  Friends also held a Books in the Breezeway Sale to add to monies earned to buy new nonfiction books for young and teen reading sections of the library.  Total earned was over $700.

Local crafters sell their excess supplies and the Friends’ volunteers sell donated craft supplies.  The fun starts when we ask shoppers what their craft is.  If they don’t have a craft, we take that as meaning “don’t have a craft…yet” and then we get to work.

Quilter Nancy Brewster sits behind her fabrics for sale at the Craft Supplies Sale at the Murphy Library while Friends' volunteers Peg Russell and Louise MacDonald talk with customers.

Crafters included quilter, Nancy Brewster and Vivian Schell.  Nancy has wall quilts for sale at the new Downtown Bakery in Murphy.  Vivian is part of the Appalachian Crafters.   Terrie Allen from Mineral Bluff was selling and teaching jewelry making.  Sharon Francis works with delicate cutouts used in scrapbooking – she and Terrie Allen sells at the Saturday morning market in downtown Murphy.  And   Sandy Espenschied, the Gypsy Quilter, was there with her colorful fabric that would make even non-quilters pick up a needle and thread.

Louise MacDonald teaches quilting at the John C. Campbell Folk School and Tri County Community College.  Local writer Peg Russell volunteered with Louise on Friday.  Wouldn’t you know it, Peg left at the end of her shift with a quilting project in the works.  And Louise is thinking about writing down some of the anecdotes she tells so well.

Louise MacDonald and Peg Russell (from left) volunteered at the Craft Supplies Sale and found time to plan a quilt for Peg (the writer) to make and a book for Louise (the quilter) to write.

Jan Ruiz sold excess items from 4Seasons4U, Sharon Francis can teach you anything about scrapbooking and the crafts that go along with it, and Adrienne Schell and her mom Vivian had colorful fabrics all waiting for a project.

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