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Spelling Bee Words for 2009-2010 Week 21

Posted on: April 8, 2010

Correction:  The Spelling Bee blogger sent the wrong spelling of “elixir” to the Cherokee Scout for their April 7 issue.  If you saw it spelled “alixir” don’t blame the Scout, blame the Spelling Bee blogger’s new laptop and poor typing skills.  Or maybe the elixir she was taking wasn’t working.  [elixir:  “A cordial alleged to prolong youth”]   Or maybe she wanted to see if anyone was reading the weekly Spelling Bee words.  In any event, if she is ever in a spelling bee and gets the word “elixir” you can rest assured she will be able to spell it correctly.

This week’s words for the 2010 Cherokee County Spelling Bee are from Arabic, and can be found on the National Spelling Bee web site,  

talc   tuna   safari   mosque

sultan   mummy   admiral   guitar

elixir   alcove   tarragon

lemon   sequin   zero   massage

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