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Murphy Public Library celebrates St. Paddy’s Day

Posted on: March 22, 2010

Tim Ryan did not drive snakes out of the Murphy Library on St. Patrick’s Day.


He did much better. 


He threw a party for the librarians.


Ryan, a resident artist at the John C. Campbell Folk School, had the winning bid at the 2009 Friends of Murphy Library Auction and landed a dinner party to be given by Sue Ellen Woodward.


Then he made the party a gift to the Murphy Library staff.










The staff of Murphy Public Library enjoyed a St. Patrick’s Day feast courtesy of Tim Ryan, resident artist at the John C. Campbell Folk School. Front row (l to r): Norma Smith, Lois Lenz; middle row: Evelyn Glidden, Ruthie Gentry; back row: Lizz Anderson, Charlene Davis, Tim Ryan, Jeff Murphy, Melissa Barker.

The entire Murphy Library crew sat in splendor, and wished each other, especially Ryan, Woodward, Allen and Bell, “Top of the morning and the rest of the day.”




Photos attached by Jane Hembree




The meeting room at the library is decked out in its St. Patrick’s Day finest.

Bonnie Allen, Sue Ellen Woodward and Sondra Bell are the consummate party-organizers who transformed the Murphy Library's meeting room for St. Paddy's Day.

Bonnie Allen, Sue Ellen Woodward and Sondra Bell helped transform the meeting room into a leprechaun’s lair and served up, what else, corned beef and cabbage, along with other Irish treats.


And many thanks to the Nantahala Regional Library staff who worked the front desk.

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