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Friends’ Potluck canceled due to weather :-(

Posted on: February 16, 2010

Due to bad weather and roads, Friends of Murphy Library is canceling its Potluck Meeting tonight, Tuesday, February 16.
We are so sorry to miss the Senior Arts medal winners and some of the best food in Western North Carolina!  We will try to plan our special recognition of the Senior Arts winners at the next scheduled meeting in May.
Many thanks to Jane Hembree and Peg Russell for all their help.
Stay warm, stay safe, find a good book and curl up for a winter’s read tonight.
Friends of Murphy Library Board

4 Responses to "Friends’ Potluck canceled due to weather :-("

I have just finished reading “My Journey to Appalachia” by Elanor Lambert Wilson and was wondering if she is still alive?


Yes, John, Eleanor Lambert is still alive and wrote a sequel to her original memoir. Go to this link for more info:

Julie Chautin, Friends of Murphy Library


I am coming to the John C Campbell Folk School in July for a week long fiddle class. I would be fun to talk with her. I assume she still lives in Brasstown? I’m going to order her next book. Thanks. John


Yes, Ellie still lives in Brasstown. Ask around at the Folk School when you get there and they can probably help you.
Have fun with your class. Julie

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