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Library cancels Thursday movies

Posted on: February 8, 2010

[Special Note:  Some weeks after the following happened we were able to buy a new projector with insurance proceeds.  See “Julie and Julia” movie review.]

Someone stole the movie projector and DVD/VHS player from the Murphy Library.  Hopefully we can acquire another projector, if there are insurance proceeds or through fundraising. For the time being we won’t being showing movies on Thursdays. 

The library received this equipment from a grant several years ago and has made good use of it for the community.  Tax dollars go for creating infrastructure, but volunteers, donations and grants put the “heart” into our buildings. 

Our movies have been a place to take kids and visiting grandkids at no charge. 

Michele Allen introduced her film about Clay Corners at the library.

 The projector enabled us to show locally made movies such as Michelle Allen’s “No Place Like this Place” about Clay’s Corner and it seemed like everyone in Murphy came to see it. We showed Allen’s film about local craftswoman Martha Owen, and then Owen’s daughter Emolyn Liden showed her movie. 

John Davidson took this photo of his son Jan introducing the John C. Campbell Folk School's film Sing Behind the Plow when it was shown at the Murphy Library.

When we screened the John C. Campbell Folk School’s documentary, not once, but two times, Jan Davidson not only came to introduce it, but there in the audience were his family and all the people who had a part in it — there in the library’s meeting room to see the product of their hard work on the big screen. 

The library now has tighter security. And the librarians and volunteers still try to make this library the living, breathing heart of Murphy and Cherokee County. But it was a shame someone had to steal something that gave so much pleasure to so many.

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