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Storytime in Murphy

Posted on: August 31, 2009

Nantahala Regional Library’s children’s librarian Sarah Arnaudin holds Storytime for young readers at the Murphy Library on Mondays.  Gates and Liam Jones are two of her young friends who recently stayed to chat after Storytime along with their mom, Emilie.  Gates is four years old and is an excellent speller.   Liam loves the animal friends who accompany Sarah.  Arnaudin&Jones1 

Photo by Julie Chautin

Sarah Arnaudin, Children’s Librarian with Gates Jones, Roberta, the organutang, and Truman, the peacock.  Arnaudin read The Baby Beebee Bird by Diane Redfield Massie to the children  as well as Never, Ever Shout in a Zoo by Karma Wilson.

For back to school stories, Arnaudin likes Book, Book, Book! by Sandra Bruss, and Wolf!  by Becky Bloom.

SarahEmilieLiamSarah sits with Emilie Jones and her son Liam after Storytime.


2 Responses to "Storytime in Murphy"

thanks sarah, we love you.

Roberta, Truman, Cera, Spiderman and I love y’all too!

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